Prevention in community mental health : research, policy and practice

1. Prevention in community mental health: the state of the art / Richard H. Price, Barbara C. Bader, and Richard F. Ketterer — 2. Economic change in primary prevention / Ralph Catalano and David Dooley — 3. Prevention of domestic violence / Bonnie E. Carlson and Liane V. Davis — Preventing child maltreatment / James Garbarino — Children of divorce, stressful life events, and transitions: a framework for preventive efforts / Robert D. Felner, Stephanie S. Farber, and Judith Primavera — 6. Prevention in the schools: behavioral approaches / Leonard A. Jason — Delinquency prevention programs: mental health and the law / Gary R. Vandenbos and Michael O. Miller — 8. Prevention in industrial settings: the employee assistance program / Andrea Foote and John C. Erfurt — 9. Social networks and the utilization of preventive mental health services / Benjamin H. Gottlieb and Alan Hall — 10. Prevention policy: the federal perspective / Thomas F.A. Plaut — 11. Primary prevention: policy and practice / Carolyn F. Swift — 12. Prevention activities at the state level / Betty Tableman — 13. Implementing prevention programs: a community mental health center director's point of view / Saul Cooper — 14. Strategies and skills for promoting mental health / Richard F. Ketterer, Barbara C. Bader, and Marc R. Levy — 15. Research and evaluation in primary prevention: issues and guidelines / Kenneth Heller, Richard H. Price, and Kenneth J. Sher.