Social Convoy Model

The convoy model has guided a rich field of multidisciplinary research examining the nature of social relationships and their influence on health and well-being over the life course. A convoy is conceptualized as a protective, dynamic network of close social ties that provides personal, familial, cultural, and even professional supports and linkages for an individual. Convoy structure (i.e., size and composition) is assessed, as are personal (i.e., age, gender, race) and contextual characteristics (i.e., marital status, immigration), and relationship and support quality. New research on caregiving, retirement, and immigration is presented to highlight the dynamic nature of convoys and illustrate the model's contribution to the study of interpersonal relationships and support in adulthood and aging. Future research integrating the convoy model can inform the development of social policy and practice that addresses the social support needs among diverse adults or underexamined populations.