Strategies for managing plant closings and downsizings

Setting the scene : can a company be both pro-profits and pro-people? / Joseph E. Radigan — Overview : development and plan of the book / Daniel B. Fishman, Cary Cherniss — Historical, social, and technological perspectives on the new realities of work and workers. Forces for increased organizational competition : implications for leadership and organizational competence / Michael Maccoby — New attitudes and motivations in workers : growing interdependencies among the work, personal-family, and educational spheres of life / Seymour B. Sarason — Organizational reactions to the new competitiveness forces and their impact on workers. Achieving competitiveness by creating new organization cultures and structures / Edward E. Lawler III — Mergers, acquisitions, and the reformatting of American business / Dwight Harshbarger — Sample approaches for managing the organizational reactions in order to promote worker well-being. Strategies for managing plant closings and downsizing / Richard H. Price.; (cont.) Strategies for integrating the family needs of workers into human resource planning / Ellen Galinsky — A case study in effective organizational change toward high involvement management / Leonard D. Goodstein — Summary and conclusions. Emerging managerial themes for the 1990s : interdependencies and synergies among individual, organizational, and societal well-being / Daniel B. Fishman, Cary Cherniss.