Teachers’ work and instructional management, part I: Alternative views of the task of teaching

Organizational learning in high-stakes accountability environments : lessons from an urban school district / Helen M. Marks and Susan M. Printy — Sources of victory, seeds of defeat : linking enactment politics and implementation developments / Donna Redmond Jones and Betty Malen — Interest groups in national reading policy : perceived influence and beliefs on teaching reading / Mengli Song and Cecil Miskel — Bridging and buffering parent involvement in schools : managing exchanges of social and cultural resources / Rodney T. Ogawa and Susan Clark Studer — Teachers' work and instructional management. Alternative views of the task of teaching ; Does organic management promote expert teaching? / Brian Rowan — Collective efficacy and school organization : a multilevel analysis of teacher influence in schools / Roger D. Goddard — A test of a model of school achievement in rural schools : the significance of collective efficacy / Wayne K. Hoy, Page A. Smith, and Scott R. Sweetland.