The education of a prevention psychologist

Foreword / George W. Albee — Preventive psychology : evolution and current status / Robert D. Felner, Leonard A. Jason, John N. Moritsugu, and Stephanie S. Farber — Primary prevention in mental health : past, present, and future / Emory L. Cowen — Social problem-solving as a primary prevention strategy / Joseph A. Durlak — Life development intervention : skill training for personal competence / Steven J. Danish, Nancy L. Galambos, and Idamarie Laquatra — Preventive intervention and the human context: ecological approaches to environmental assessment and change / Trudy A. Vincent and Edison J. Trickett — Social networks, perceived social support, and coping with stress / Kenneth Heller and Ralph W. Swindle — Environmental psychology and prevention / Abraham Wandersman … [et al.] — Preventive behavioral interventions / Leonard A. Jason and G. Anne Bogat — Social class, mental health, and mental illness : the impact of resources and feedback / LaRue Allen and David W. Britt — Minority status as a stressor / John Moritsugu and Stanley Sue — Economics and psychosocial dysfunction: toward a conceptual framework and prevention strategies / Edward Seidman and Bruce Rapkin — Transitions and stressful life events: a model for primary prevention / Robert D. Felner, Stephanie S. Farber, and Judith Primavera — Health psychology and primary prevention: natural allies / Judith E. Albino — Prevention and interdisciplinary perspectives : a framework and case analysis / N. Dickon Reppucci, Edward P. Mulvey, and Laura Kastner — Psychology and public policy : missed opportunity / Seymour B. Sarason — Evaluating preventive interventions : guidelines for the serious social change agent / Raymond P. Lorion — Training for preventive psychology in community and academic settings / Edwin S. Zolik — The education of a prevention psychologist / Richard H. Price — Future directions for preventive psychology / Leonard A. Jason … [et al.] — Prevention : the threat and the promise / John C. Glidewell.