Unemployed Chinese workers: The survivors, the worried young and the discouraged old

Reports survey responses of a sample of 2,412 laid-off Chinese workers in 7 cities in China. This study focused on social background characteristics (age, education, gender, and marital status), coping needs (job search and financial skills), and distress (financial strain and depression). Data identify 3 distinct sub-groups of unemployed workers: (1) “Survivors”: more confident and better educated workers, (2) “The Worried Young”: distressed younger workers with few coping resources, and (3) “The Discouraged Old”: older workers with less education looking towards retirement. Each of these groups of workers views their circumstances and life prospects in quite different ways. Results are examined in the context of the literature on social change and the life course. Findings also suggest different human resource policies for each of these groups of workers. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2007 APA, all rights reserved)