Using Anchoring Vignettes to Correct for Differential Response Scale Usage in 3MC Surveys

Reporting heterogeneity can pose significant challenges in comparisons of data from surveys in multinational, multiregional, and multicultural (3MC) contexts. To deal with reporting heterogeneity issues, the use of anchoring vignettes was proposed. This method allows researchers to correct for differential response scale usage in cross-cultural or subpopulation group comparisons This chapter summarizes where the current literature stands with respect to both statistical and design issues and discusses the influence of practical challenges in the use of this method. It presents an application of anchoring vignette data in cross-cultural studies as well as an investigation into design sensitivity by using different choice and number of vignettes. The successful application of anchoring vignettes largely depends on two key assumptions: response consistency (RC) and vignette equivalence (VE). The chapter includes an exploratory analysis, assessing whether the results are sensitive to the number of vignettes and the imposed intensity in vignettes.