Validity of self-reports in student-based studies on minority populations : issues and concerns

Introduction and overview / Mario R. De La Rosa, Juan-Luis Recio Adrados, and Norweeta Milburn — Integrating mainstream and subcultural explanations of drug use among Puerto Rican youth / Orlando Rodriguez, Juan-Luis Recio Adrados, and Mario R. De La Rosa — Orthogonal cultural identification : theoretical links between cultural identification and substance use / E.R. Oetting — Acculturation, the broader view : theoretical framework of the acculturation scales / Juan-Luis Recio Adrados — Interactional theory : its utility in explaining drug use behavior among African-American and Puerto Rican youth / Judith S. Brook — Network theory : a model for understanding drug abuse among African-American and Hispanic youth / Marvin D. Krohn and Terence P. Thornberry — Examining conceptual models for understanding drug use behavior among American Indian youth / Jeff King and Julian F. Thayer — Acculturation strain theory : its application in explaining drug use behavior among Cuban and other Hispanic youth / William A. Vega … [et al.] — Validity of self-reports in student-based studies on minority populations : issues and concerns / John M. Wallace, Jr., and Jerald G. Bachman — Interviewing minority youth about drug use : telephone vs. in-person surveys / Leonard LoSciuto, William S. Aquilino, and Frederick C. Licari — Hispanic dropouts and drug use : a review of the literature and methodological considerations / Ernest L. Chavez — Getting into the gang : methodological issues in studying ethnic gangs / Karen A. Joe — Identifying, gaining access to, and collecting data on African-American drug addicts / Leon E. Pettiway — Surveying and tracking urban elementary school children's use of abusable substances / Patricia J. Bush … [et al.] — School and community politics : issues, concerns, and implications when conducting research in African-American communities / Julius Debro and Darlene J. Conley — Substance use disorders among young minority refugees : common themes in a clinical sample / Joe Westermeyer — Current gaps and new directions for studying drug use and abuse behavior in minority youth / Mario R. De La Rosa … [et al.].