Vorstellbarkeit, Empathie und Hilfeverhalten: Zur Umsetzung von Laborbefunden im Feld

Conducted 2 experiments to study the relative effectiveness of an abstract vs a vivid (or concrete) appeal in promoting willingness to donate to a charitable organization. Human subjects: 72 male and female German adults (university students) (Exp I). Male and female adults (the readership of a popular psychology magazine) (Exp II). In Exp I, Ss were asked to rate the effectiveness of 4 appeals for donations to a self-help organization for patients with multiple sclerosis. The appeals differed in terms of abstractness/concreteness of their descriptions of the illness and the purpose of the donation. In Exp II, the same 4 appeals were included in an issue of Psychology Today. The 4 appeals were compared with regard to the number and size of donations they elicited. (English abstract) (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2007 APA, all rights reserved)