Youth in Transition. Volume I, Blueprint for a Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Boys

This first volume of a planned series summarizes the first 2 years of a 6 year longitudinal study of about 2,200 tenth grade boys in public schools. The broad purposes were to study the student and his changes, plans, and behavior. “Conceptual Framework and Purposes” presents a conceptual framework that views the major criterion areas of growth and change as determined by personal characteristics, characteristics of environments, and person-environmental interaction. “Research Design” gives the design and general procedures. “Measurement Content” presents a complete list of dimensions, measurement procedures and relevant reliability and validity information. “Analysis Design” discusses broad strategies. “Major Themes of Analysis” describes in detail major substantive interests for later study including schools as organizations. “Epilogue” describes the sample schools and boys. There are no findings presented, rather a description of the total plan for the study is given. The appendix includes several questionnaires and measurement instruments. (EM)