Youth in Transition. Volume II, The Impact of Family Background and Intelligence on Tenth-Grade Boys

This is the second volume in a series that documents the Youth in Transition project, a national longitudinal study of about 2,200 10th grade boys in public schools. This document deals with family background factors and abilities as they relate to a variety of personality characteristics, behaviors, and plans for the future. Major units include: (1) Dimensions of Family Background, (2) Interrelationships Among Background Characteristics, (3) Intellectual Aptitudes and Abilities, (4) Self-Concept of School Ability, (5) Motives, (6) Self-Esteem, and Other Affective States, (7) Values and Attitudes, (8) Behaviors, and (9) College Plans and Occupational Aspirations. The conclusions indicate that the socioeconomic level is perhaps the most important of the family background measures, and that the family background factors influence intelligence and job information. Extensive appendixes, illustrative figures and tables, and a bibliography are included. Volume one is available as ED 026 463. (GEB)