International Unit

Providing infrastructure and training to advance social science worldwide, The University of Michigan’s Survey Research Center (SRC) is an established world leader in the design, collection and analysis of social science data. In 2013, building upon more than 65 years of international work, SRC launched the International Survey Research Unit (ISRU), bringing together substantive, operational, technical, and methodological expertise to help build social research capacity worldwide (see map for research locations).

Tools for All Phases of Data Collection and Dissemination

SRC’s experience in conducting survey work in countries around the world, has guided the development of a “backpack” of tools and techniques to support the design and implementation of both large and small scale data collection. Such tools and techniques aim at building social research capacity, particularly in resource poor countries where survey research expertise and/or infrastructure are lacking.

The types of services offered by ISRU include:

  • formal courses and tailored training
  • online resources
  • materials and documents
  • systems and applications
  • quality control using state-of-the-art tools
  • tailored consultations
  • data archiving

Institutional and International Collaboration

SRC has a number of institutional partnerships and programs, some spanning more than two decades. Institutional partners are located in Australia, China, Ghana, India, Nepal, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, South Sudan and the International Statistical Institute.

Additionally, SRC has provided training and technical support for key international health related data collections. Some of which include the Survey of Health, Ageing and Retirement in Europe (SHARE) as well as the World Mental Health Survey Initiative.