IVEware: Imputation and Variance Estimation Software

IVEware: Imputation and Variance Estimation Software, Version 0.3

IVEware developed by the Researchers at the Survey Methodology Program, Survey Research Center, Institute for Social Research, University of Michigan performs:

  1. Imputations of missing values using the Sequential Regression (also known as Chained Equations) Method;
  2. Multiple imputation analyses for both descriptive and model-based analysis;
  3. Analysis that accounts for complex design features, weighting, clustering and stratification;
  4. Other applications of multiple imputation such as disclosure limitation, combining information from multiple data sources, Bayesian analysis through prediction, causal inference and measurement error.


  • IMPUTE uses a sequential regression multivariate imputation (SRMI) approach for multiply imputing item missing values in a data set.
  • DESCRIBE estimates the population means, proportions, subgroup differences, contrasts and linear combinations of means and proportions.
  • REGRESS fits linear, logistic, polytomous, Poisson, Tobit and proportional hazard regression models.
  • SASMOD allows users to analyze data with several SAS procedures.
  • SYNTHESIZE uses the SRMI approach to create full or partial synthetic data sets to limit statistical disclosure.
  • COMBINE is useful for combining information from multiple sources through multiple imputation.

IVEware can be used with SAS, STATA, SPSS and R packages or as a standalone in Windows, Linux or Mac OS (except SAS) operating systems.

Please report problems or send comments via e-mail to IVEware Support: For more detailed help, please complete and submit this Help Request form.